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NBI currently offers the following courses within five (5) core areas across the 18-month MDiv program; including Core Requirements (CR), Biblical Foundations: Building Blocks of Faith (TH), Intermediate Examination: Biblical Intermediates (IM), Leadership Examination: Biblical Mastery (BM), and Capstone Studies: Church Operation (CO).

  • Importance of Scripture
  • Understanding Scripture
  • Old Testament Examination I & II
  • First Coming Examination I & II
  • New Testament Examination I & II
  • Testifying Basics
  • Testifying Mastery
  • Eschatology Examination I, II, & III
  • Church Planting
  • Church Operations
  • Raising Future Leaders I & II

Course List

Church Operations

This course will provide students with the tools necessary to implement and maintain operations within a church. You will get an opportunity to learn how to properly staff, develop communications strategies, organize and implement logistics, and administer internal and external operations.

Church Planting

In this course you will be able to become equipped with and utilize the biblical knowledge and tools of ministry, church planting, and revitalization. They will demonstrate both intra- and intercultural competencies regarding planting within various communities. Students will be able to develop their own church planting plan for their final thesis.

Eschatology Examination I

This course is the first of a 3-series course distribution of eschatology. This is a requirement before taking Eschatology Examination II and Eschatology Examination III. The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to the topics related to heaven and hell, the promises of the end times, the great tribulation and the Book of Revelation.

Eschatology Examination II

Building on Eschatology Examination I, we will take a deeper look into what the Bible says regarding not only the return of Jesus Christ, but also the matters of judgment related to the first coming of Jesus Christ and the doctrine of death and resurrection. Additionally matters concerning that of judgment at the time of the end and the future state of Christianity today will be discussed and reviewed.

Eschatology Examination III

Building on Eschatology Examination II, this course will be a deep dive of the book of Revelation going chapter by chapter. It will be a culmination of all the material learned in Eschatology Examination I and Eschatology Examination II.

First Coming Examination I 

As the foundation of Christianity, the Gospel – also found in the first four books of the New Testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) – is completely focused on Jesus. Through the Gospel, we learn about who Jesus is, how he fulfilled Old Testament prophecies, the messages that he preached, and some of the promises he made about his return.

First Coming Examination  II

Building on the First Coming Examination I course, we will take a deeper look at the words, work, and leadership of Jesus. We will gain a clear understanding of hidden promises written about him throughout the Old Testament, as well as the promises he made for his return.

Importance of Scripture

This course provides a study and explanation of the necessity of knowing the words of the Bible. It is designed to give the student a solid foundation for NBI’s intensive Master of Divinity program. The course presents the Bible as a religious and historical text as the inspired Word of God with emphasis on the importance of studying the scriptures in the context of the words of promise and fulfillment.

New Testament Examination I 

Required before taking New Testament Examination II. This course allows students to engage in critical reading of New Testament Scriptures, study their historical significance, and apply major themes to their own faith walk. In this course, students will thoroughly examine the New Testament Scriptures across the Four Gospels, the Epistles, and Revelation.

New Testament Examination II

Building upon New Testament Examination I, this course will take a more nuanced approach to the study of New Testament Scriptures with an emphasis on how the First Coming teachings of Jesus Christ are connected to the Book of Revelation. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the New Testament Scriptures and their interconnectedness.

Old Testament Examination I 

The Old Testament is filled with historical events and moral instructions that have been taught for centuries. In this course, we will learn about the various individuals that God used to make himself known -- from prophets to kings. We will also learn about the different eras explained throughout the Old Testament to today.

Old Testament Examination II

After completing Old Testament Examination I, students will grow in their knowledge of Old Testament history and learn how to view Biblical history according to God’s final work. This course will provide insight on how history was a warning and example for the first coming and today.

Raising Future Leaders I

In this introductory course, students will embark on a broad overview of the theory and practice of leadership and administration in a church or ministry setting, seeing it throughout scripture and applying it to today.

Raising Future Leaders II

In this advanced course, students will build upon Raising Future Leaders I, where students will implement theory and practice of leadership and administration for church. You will learn dynamics and develop new strategies and practices for continued development.

Testifying Basics

This hands-on, introductory-level course allows students to practice the oral communication of the gospel. Students will examine the techniques and methodologies that are essential to well-organized speech delivery, and will have the opportunity to practice with fellow classmates to perfect their craft.  

Testifying Mastery

This course is a continuation of Testifying Basics. Using the skills attained in the prior course, students will now be evaluated on their speech delivery by faculty and fellow classmates. This intensive course requires students to craft and execute their respective speeches and, using the input from onlookers, will work to further tailor and define their speeches. Students will master the skill of oral communication and be able to clearly and confidently proclaim the inerrancy of the Holy Scriptures.

Understanding Scripture

The purpose of this course is for students to have a proficient realization of the importance of understanding scripture accurately. We will go through an intense deep-dive of the scriptures to see from history to today, the consequences and results of lacking in a correct understanding of the scriptures.